Strangely Educational
Here is a look at Episode 2, SPOOKY STOPPERS, coming this May 2014!

In this episode Johnnie & Albert spend the night in a haunted coffee house
with some cool folks, while Coty & the Wizard do what they do best...

Featuring Ghost Expert, Chris Flemming
Durbins on Board
Heading into the new season, manager Jeff Pintoran struck a deal with Tinley
Park's Durbins to sponsor the Windy City Stars for the 2014 season.
Durbins - Tinley Park
Join the Stars
With the 2014 season winding down,
be sure to get on board with the Stars
for 2015 - team training activities
begin in Novemeber...
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Fields Added in 2014
Making the switch to the Tinley Park
Men's Baseball League brings
Freedom Park to the plate in 2014
along with Oak Lawn's Pavilion...
Finally a Media Section
The long awaited media section has
team photographer Michael Sabatini
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